Hello all,

I am posting to get some advice. I am going to be replacing and old rotting front porch going to the front door (I live on a hill and it is a split foyer house). My question is, currently the old porch requires you to step back onto the step when you open the front screen door (swings out). Obviously because I am replacing this I want to make it right! The door is 36" wide and was thinking that I would make the porch at least 6' to 6 1/2 wide to accomodate the 36" door and give a person 3 to 3 1/2 feet and not be required to step back.

It is a small area, on 6 feet wide and will be 6 feet deep (depending on your thoughts) and therefore is too small to fall under the building code in my area. I have called the building inspector about 4 times, but not response because he really does not care.