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    Default new deck , need ideas/ help

    I am in the process of gathering info on roofing a deck. I would like to know how I can attach the new rafters over the deck. the deck will be attached to the house. I understand how to do this portion. What I need is help building the roof over it. Do the rafters need to be attached to the facia board, or do I need to pull the facia down and install a new "beefier" 2"x8" board to attach the new rafters? This is only going to be a roof that is 10'x10'. And also do the rafters have to be a certain size? You guys have helped me with more than enough, on this worn down house, so any advice would be followed. Thank you in advance.

    T. Holloway

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    Default Re: new deck , need ideas/ help

    I'd attach the roof of the deck to the house to make sure the rain doesn't come in through the gap. You should be able to tear off the fascia and tie the rafters into the roof without much trouble and then cover it back up when you're finished. It should carry it well.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: new deck , need ideas/ help

    Make sure that your roof edge is lower on the outside than the roof. That's the only idea I can add today.
    Debby in Oklahoma

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