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    Default Proper Deck Width to Accomodate Door Swing

    Hello all,

    I am posting to get some advice. I am going to be replacing and old rotting front porch going to the front door (I live on a hill and it is a split foyer house). My question is, currently the old porch requires you to step back onto the step when you open the front screen door (swings out). Obviously because I am replacing this I want to make it right! The door is 36" wide and was thinking that I would make the porch at least 6' to 6 1/2 wide to accomodate the 36" door and give a person 3 to 3 1/2 feet and not be required to step back.

    It is a small area, on 6 feet wide and will be 6 feet deep (depending on your thoughts) and therefore is too small to fall under the building code in my area. I have called the building inspector about 4 times, but not response because he really does not care.

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    Default Re: Proper Deck Width to Accomodate Door Swing

    If you give yourself at least 3' beyond the door swing you should be ok. Also try to leave at least 2' or 3' clear on the latch side.
    It sounds like what you're planning should work.
    A little extra room never hurts.

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