I have a ~5yo bathroom remodel that used the same brand towel bars and tissue holder hardware. I don't have any record of the brand. Two of the pieces have come loose. They are mounted on tile walls over drywall. They have heavy-duty rods through the wall which now spin freely, and the fixtures pull out about 1/4" from the wall.
I don't know what is INSIDE the wall (and don't really want to find out!).

Near the base of the fixture there is a rectangular slot. I'm guessing that this provides access to a mechanism that controls the grip of this fixture on the rod that goes into the wall. But, I'm not familiar with it and have no documentation. What I want to do is to snug the fixtures back against the wall. The tissue holder has no
adhesive of any kind - but the matching towel bar fixture seems to have some sort of clear, gummy adhesive. I'm not averse to gluing or cementing these in place, but I doubt that would provide enough support. Help, please!

[I tried to upload a picture...but failed...if a picture will help, please ask at <KennethRSloan@gmail.com>]