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    Default (modern) loose towel bar/tissue holder - tile wall

    I have a ~5yo bathroom remodel that used the same brand towel bars and tissue holder hardware. I don't have any record of the brand. Two of the pieces have come loose. They are mounted on tile walls over drywall. They have heavy-duty rods through the wall which now spin freely, and the fixtures pull out about 1/4" from the wall.
    I don't know what is INSIDE the wall (and don't really want to find out!).

    Near the base of the fixture there is a rectangular slot. I'm guessing that this provides access to a mechanism that controls the grip of this fixture on the rod that goes into the wall. But, I'm not familiar with it and have no documentation. What I want to do is to snug the fixtures back against the wall. The tissue holder has no
    adhesive of any kind - but the matching towel bar fixture seems to have some sort of clear, gummy adhesive. I'm not averse to gluing or cementing these in place, but I doubt that would provide enough support. Help, please!

    [I tried to upload a picture...but failed...if a picture will help, please ask at <>]

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    Default Re: (modern) loose towel bar/tissue holder - tile wall

    Any fixture hanging on a wall which is not secured into a stud, has to be done correctly, or the result is exactly what you have now. The brand is not important.

    There are various products available at the big stores which you may want to try, but full success may not be guaranteed. Worse case use toggle bolts.

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    Default Re: (modern) loose towel bar/tissue holder - tile wall

    toggle bolts are your best bet unless you hit wood behind the drywall or can get some blocking in there from the other side.

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