Im installing a ceiling fan in the kitchen of my duplex which was built in 1951. Some of the wiring has been updated to Romex while some has not, in this case, the wiring for the original (now fried Hampton Bay) fan is the old wiring. The previous owners remodeled the kitchen connected wires to extend them for the install. My problem is, the new fan is done by remote control and the receiver only requires two wires to hook up, neutral and power. Problem is, I do not believe that I have a neutral wire.

Here is what I have and why I do not believe that I have a neutral wire.
- The green wire is the ground to the brace from the fan.
- The blue wire from the fan goes to the ceiling red (this is a switched lead)
- The white from the fan goes to the tan lead from the ceiling
- Black from the fan went to black from the wall

What is confusing me is that there are four wires from the ceiling but only two are needed for the modern fan. The other thing that is confusing me is the wiring for the switch. It controls only lamp. The fan was independent from the switch. I could turn it on and off with the pull chain. Im going to have to dead head one of these wires, Im guessing. Right?