I have a New England house built in 1870 with a fieldstone foundation basement. The floor is all concrete to the walls. I was cleaning out my basement yesterday and there is a small 1 square foot square hole in the floor with each side lined with a piece of wood. Previous owners had piled miscellaneous stones in it blocking it up. I was curious as to what the purpose of this hole was so I removed the rocks and stuck a flashlight in there. About 1 foot down it takes a nearly 90 degree turn towards the center of the basement draining downward into who knows where under the floor. I could see the drain was square in shape and had wood pieces lining the inside completely. Does anyone know what the purpose of this drain is and where it might be heading to? I had recently placed a dehumidifier in the basement and was looking for a drain to use and was thinking this might be a good place to get rid of the water. Thanks for your help!