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    Question Re: Maytag washing machine lid switch

    Thanks again dj1 and A. Spruce. We've decided to accept the cash from the home warranty co. Any advice on buying washers?? We might go with a homedepot admiral atw4475vq 3.1 cu.ft. top load washer. Recall the $60 trade call fee I paid the technician. From the beginning I told him that I didn't think the lid switch was bad because my mom and I knew the lid switch was working. I open the washer to add detergent and later to insert clothing. At the last spin/drain part of the cycle we were able to open the machine several times and see that the spinning/draining would stop. I told him this, but he insisted the lid switch was bad. I figured, he knows something I don't know and left it at that, but when he left and the machine had the same problem, I though maybe I've been had. With respect to this, any words of advice?

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    Default Re: Maytag washing machine lid switch

    I am someone who prescribes to the idea that less is more, meaning, the fewer electronic do-dads and gizmos the machine has, the less there is to go wrong with it, also, the cheaper it is to fix it. The fewer options and gizmos, the cheaper the machine will be as well.

    We went from a top loading machine to a front loader, which is supposed to be more gentle on clothing and wash better. Our experience is that our clothing isn't getting any cleaner and they are more knotted and wadded up when they come out (more wrinkles if you're not careful). Downside to a front loader is that there really isn't any "soak", and you can't add more to the load once you've pressed start, as the machine locks down and prevents the door from being opened.

    Front loaders are more susceptible to vibration, so avoid those drawer units that go under them. In reality, these drawers are expensive, a poor use of space, and they are not sturdy enough to resist vibration when the machines go into their spin cycles.

    As for advice on a specific machine, I would recommend doing your research at various on-line retailers and read through the consumer reviews of each machine you're interested in. You will not find any good source of "professional" reviews, as most of these are simple regurgitating the standard manufacturer's description of the machine.
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    Default Re: Maytag washing machine lid switch

    What spruce said, plus:

    Inexpensive (but still doing the job right) washing machines are those machines that have been around for decades, except that nowadays, all brands are owned by GE or Whirlpool.

    You asked about Admiral - it's a Whirlpool brand. When my washer gave, I bought a Roper (again a Whirlpool brand) and let me tell you, it does the job, which is all I care about. BTW, you can buy 5 Ropers for the price of 1 Bosch.

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