Thanks again dj1 and A. Spruce. We've decided to accept the cash from the home warranty co. Any advice on buying washers?? We might go with a homedepot admiral atw4475vq 3.1 cu.ft. top load washer. Recall the $60 trade call fee I paid the technician. From the beginning I told him that I didn't think the lid switch was bad because my mom and I knew the lid switch was working. I open the washer to add detergent and later to insert clothing. At the last spin/drain part of the cycle we were able to open the machine several times and see that the spinning/draining would stop. I told him this, but he insisted the lid switch was bad. I figured, he knows something I don't know and left it at that, but when he left and the machine had the same problem, I though maybe I've been had. With respect to this, any words of advice?