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    Default Cabinet door does not close

    Hello every body.

    I am installing new cabinets doors on my kitchen, but some of the doors do not close even. (Either the top or the bottom have a gap) I was using the old hinges, so I tried new ones with the same results. The hinges are the Surface Mount self closing. so they do not have much on the way to do any adjusting.
    I will appreciate any help on how to fix this problem.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Cabinet door does not close

    many hinges are adjustable. can you post a picture of the ones you're using?

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    Default Re: Cabinet door does not close

    To adjust a "non-adjustable" hinge, you actually spring the hinge a little (meaning bend it). How you go about the adjustment will depend on how it is out of alignment.

    Before you go tweaking hinges, however, are you sure the doors are perfectly flat? Many times the doors themselves are a bit tweaked.
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