I have a house built in 1959, it has 2 wire romex either 12 or 14 gage wiring. I want to upgrade the wiring include a ground. I want to install a ground wire down from each outlet into the basement and connect them to copper pipes for grounding. 1- do I need a junction box where the wires are spliced together? 2 - what gage of wire is best to use for the ground? 3. I am using a single green protected wire. 4 - is there ar limit to how many outlets can be tied to the same ground? 5 - I will be replacing the outlets to the newer 3 prong units. The kitchen and bathrooms already have ground fault circuits. The wires are being brought up from the basement through a 3/4 inch hole to the box in the living room and hanging into the basement to be tied to the copper water lines, which are grounded. Any helpful hents?