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    Default Which HVAC system would you choose?

    Hello, which of these two systems would you choose? I have a 2100 sqft 2 floor house built in 1928 with attic and basement in Arlington MA. I plan to finish the basement (~900sqft) in the next year or two. Both options are very similar in price, so that's not really a factor.

    System 1: AC + hydro air
    First floor:
    2.5 ton Carrier FV4CNF002 fan coil with ECM motor AHRI #3657139 and hot water coil in basement
    Second floor:
    2 ton Carrier FV4CNF002 fan coil with ECM motor AHRI #3657138 and hot water coil in attic
    Two condensing units installed outside on plastic pad, Carrier 24ACC630A and Carrier 24ACC624A
    Buderus GB142-30 condensing gas boiler, 96% AFUE
    reuse existing indirect water heater
    save cast iron baseray baseboards currently on first floor for when basement eventually finished

    System 2: AC + furnace
    First Floor:
    80,000 BTU Trane XV95 Variable speed Furnace, XB14 3 ton Trane condenser, Trane 3 ton coil
    Second Floor:
    60,000 BTU Trane XV95 Variable Speed Furnace, XB14 2 ton Trane condenser, Trane 2 ton coil ( Furnace boxed in attic to keep insulated )
    2410 April Air Filter
    Model 400 April Air humidifier (basement only)
    Furnace sized for future basement zone
    new 50 gal gas hot water heater

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    Default Re: Which HVAC system would you choose?

    We shopped A/C systems last year, albeit in a much different environment than you - Central Florida.

    In my research, I found that American Standard is made on the same manufacturing line as Trane equipment - same warranty and everything. They even use the same pictures on each other's websites.

    AS is about 25-30% less...

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    Default Re: Which HVAC system would you choose?

    I'd stay away from Carrier and Lennox. Keep in mind that as mentioned above, some manufacturers market similar units under different brands with various prices, so study them carefully and ask questions.

    Get more estimates, there are other systems around. You will need to compare apples to apples.

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