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    Post Metal number on old trim.

    From what I have gathered my home seems to have been built in 1907. I also believe it is Folk Victorian style. These assumptions are not concrete. However, I have a question that has to do with the trim in the house. I believe it is the original trim. It it very simple, wide trim. The wood type seems to match the same wood used on the stair case and handrails. As we were renovating our bathroom I noticed that on the trim there was a small metal circle embedded into the wood with the number one on it. I have no clue what it is for. It looks as if it fits the period of the trim and house age. I looked at other windows through the house and have found a couple with the same marking. I would love a little insight about this. It just has me scratching my head. I will try to add pics soon.

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    Default Re: Metal number on old trim.

    It is possible that it was a Sears kit home. It is in the right period.

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    Default Re: Metal number on old trim.

    Numbered tacks on window sills were for putting the right shutters back after taking them down to paint. This was also done with roman numerals cut into the frames/shutters with a chisel.
    The shutters (now long gone, perhaps) would have the corresponding number tack driven in to them. If a subsequent painter didn't see the roman numerals, or the previous tacks, he'd add a new set. I have seen two sets on the same sills, but never three.
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