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    Default Replacing electrical outlet HELP

    I successfully changed an electrical outlet and it worked great but when I replaced another on the same circuit both the circuits went dead.

    The first outlet had a ground wire which was not long enough to hook up to the first outlet. I suspect this is the cause of the problem.

    If indeed this is the cause of my problem can I go to the hardware store and get an additional piece of ground wire and attach to the piece which is too short with a red cap and then hook to ground on outlet?.

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    Default Re: Replacing electrical outlet HELP

    No, it's not the ground wire.

    1. Did you turn the breaker off when you replaced the second receptacle?
    2. Did you connect the wires properly? Use the screws, not the stabs. Silver - neutral, brass - hot.
    3. Did you turn the breaker on after you finished?
    4. Did you use GFI?
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    Default Re: Replacing electrical outlet HELP

    Karen, ditto DJ1

    And, I suspect the short ground wire you talked about is touching the hot.

    Yes, pick up about 6" of green wire and splice it.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon, Hidden Content

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