Quick question: I live in Rhode Island, and I had a contractor install 6 mil clear poly over unfaced insulation prior to hanging blueboard 10 years ago during a renovation of my 1906 house. The renovation was second floor only, and involved only 2.5 of the 4 exterior walls (2 bedrooms and a bath). I am now worried that this type of vapor barrier is too impermeable and will lead to mold in my unfaced insulation. This could potentialy be a costly mistake. Should I rip out the 6 mil? Would it be more costly to tear down the drywall/plaster, or take off the clapboard and sheathing? Or should I just live with this potential mistake? I'm sure I'm not the only homeowner in New England with this problem. I purposely do not use air conditioning (ceiling fans only) as I'm concerned I will contribute to mold.