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    Default Help with painting scheme

    I tried several color scheme for my house but none of them look good. I think it's because the trim surrounding the garage door is too thin, so even the trim is painted a light color, it still seems to be overpowered by the surrounding field color.

    Here are some photos of the original color as well as visualizations done in photoshop:

    Could someone suggest a better scheme, or perhaps a way to modify the trim, or perhaps a way to paint outside the boundaries?

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    Default Re: Help with painting scheme

    Have you tried painting the door trim and the vent the same color? Perhaps the red.

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    Default Re: Help with painting scheme

    I think that the brick colored doors look best, closely followed by the avocado colored doors. I've never been a big fan of white trim, but it does work in this instance and with the colors mentioned.

    If you don't like the trim around the door, don't paint it, leave it body colored or paint it the jamb and door trim the same color as the door.
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    Choosing colors is very individualized science. When I paint, I match the garage door color with the house color - in your case it would be that Kake color (picture 2). Leave the rest white.

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    Default Re: Help with painting scheme

    Personally I like #2,out of all your choices.
    You might want to paint the house a light tan color (like in most of your pics) and the trim a DARKER color. In all your pics you have the trim and garage doors lighter/contrasting colors.
    I don't think you should paint the garage doors a different color than the rest of the house. Do you want people to notice your garage or your house? If anything paint the front door a different color,NOT the garage doors. JMO!
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