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    Default humidity is not dropping

    MY portable air conditioner is cooling room but humidity is way up. Why don't they make take away humidity which is the real problem when it is hot and sticky? Cold and sweating at same time is not comfortable. They used to draw more water from air much better. The new air conditioners are not as good as old. What is wrong with the
    manufacturers of these machines.
    Thanks for responding.

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    Default Re: humidity is not dropping

    portable as in uses a hose to the window?..I know of 2 people who just bought these but have not used them
    long enough to comment. I know they do not have a tray to collect the water extracted from the air but instead vaporize the water somehow, guess not as efficient as letting it drip.

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    Default Re: humidity is not dropping

    I don't know what make of A/C you have, but if it's not drying the air, have a de-humidifier in the room and dump the water every 24 hours. Or get a new A/C unit.

    Portable and wireless devices/appliances are never as good as the old ones. But they sure make more money for the manufacturers.

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