I have two Victorians to paint and am having difficulty getting authentic colors. Does anybody out there know good matches for:

Willow Green
Bronze Green
Indian Red
Colonial Yellow
Canary Yellow (Light Chrome Yellow)

The SW and Olympic ****** matching programs give Black for both Greens, a dark Red for the Indian Red, and aren't close on the Yellows. Porter Paints has an Indian Paintbrush color -- maybe you remember the artist brushes that had handles painted Indian Red. SW Colonial Yellow and New Colonial Yellow are too brown.

Of course this is all subjective, based on what I remember of the old houses in Indy when I was a kid. Still, Colonial Yellow is not Brown, Willow Green is not Black, and Indian Red is not Barn Red or Roycroft Copper Red (sorry, Moss & Winkler.)

There is a Victorian paint-mixing manual I downloaded from Google Books, but unfortunately its samples have changed color. The Sears paint catalog from 1907 or so is also ****** and in better condition. Let me know if there are more authentic resources available.

The Sears catalog shows a Red house with Light Slate trim and a Colonial Yellow one with Willow Green trim. So much for earth tones.