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    Default repairing painted plaster

    Older house with 1" thick plaster (concrete type) over metal grid.
    "Sandy" finish, with what appears to be a color added to the final plaster coating.

    Lots of nail holes, a couple of cracks, etc.

    Want to fill holes, repair cracks (with tape) and fill a few contours.

    Will then prime, and paint with a sand textured latex paint.

    The question: What is the best material to use to fill the holes, cracks and contours?

    Many thanks.

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    Default Re: repairing painted plaster

    Skim coat the wall with a cement base material, not drywall compound.

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    Default Re: repairing painted plaster

    For nail holes a little joint compound or spackle will work. For cracks cut a V in the crack using a utility knife or a can opener point the old style and fill with a sandable setting joint compound (comes in a powder and the # on the bag is the approx. set time) next day sand. You can also use it to fill the contours and nail holes.

    Or if your brave and want to reskim the whole wall bond the wall with a plaster bonder apply a veneer base over the bonding and finish with finish plaster and smooth it out. Takes some skill and tools. But I would not use a cement product on the hard.

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