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    Default Solution for hot vaulted ceiling

    We have a bed room with a vaulted ceiling, which gets very hot during the sunny days. I was told that the vaulted ceilings are not insulated, i.e. on top of the dry wall of the ceiling, there is the sheath and the asphalt shingle.
    Are there any options to make this room cooler in the summer?

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    Default Re: Solution for hot vaulted ceiling

    insulate the ceiling or install an opening skylight to vent out the hot air.

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    Default Re: Solution for hot vaulted ceiling

    There are a lot of variations on the vaulted ceiling. There is a scissor truss which has a shallower vaulted ceiling with a steeper roof line above it and those are usually well insulated.

    There is the closed rafter with the sheetrock on the bottom of the rafters and roof sheathing on the top, the cavity may or may not be insulated and then there is the open rafter where you can see the rafters. Then there may be no insulation, or there may be insulted panels above the rafters.

    The last type usually uses larger beams for rafters and the rafters have a larger spacing between them. I once had a house like this that had 3x8 rafters on 32" centers. It had insulated panels over the rafters, but since this was a 50's house, the insulated panels only had about an R-7 rating. The panels were only 2" thick and they were covered with tar and white rock.

    Give more information on the construction of your ceilings and we can give you specific advice. Also, just how much work are you capable of doing? I.e., do you think you can tear out the sheetrock and hang new in its place if needed?

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