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    Default need advice re-finish ceiling with plaster/joint compound/durabond and window screen

    I have a lath and plaster ceiling in my basement laundry room that needs a new finish. The plaster is firmly attached, not loose, but it has lots of cracks. I have seen contractors put a coat of some sort of joint compound on and then press window screen into the wet plaster/joint compound, smooth it out, let it dry and then put a finish coat on it.

    I would like to try this myself, does anyone have any advice or tips? What type of window screen, fiberglass? What type of compound to set the screen in and what type of compound for finishing?
    Should I use Durabond for both? It's a basement ceiling laundry room and doesn't have to be perfect.

    I should mention that I have seen the video on this site about using screen and joint compound for ceiling repairs but I'm looking for more specific advice and tips about the procedure, especially about using Durabond, type of screen, etc.
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    Default Re: need advice re-finish ceiling with plaster/joint compound/durabond and window scr

    Even HD now sells 36" wide rolls of self-adhesive mesh tape now. I would recommend that over window screening.
    Durabond is good for the bedding coat, and you can switch to regular green-lid mud for the finish coats, or try easysand, but for me easysand on top of durabond sets too hard and is not sandable. Maybe it's the chemistry.
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