I have installed a engineered hardwood, "click together" type of flooring.Its on a 3/4 T&G substrate. It is overtop the manufacturers recommended underlay, which is quite thick. The manufacturer specifies the substrate has to be within 3/16 of a inch over 10ft. I had a professional come and thinset the low spots. After the floor was installed, there was a few squeaking sounds but very minor. The problem is that I have installed the baseboards and there is now friction between the baseboard and floor itself , resulting in a louder noise coming from the base of the walls.
I could raise the height of the baseboards a bit but am relucant to do that. I feel the thick underlay is the culprit, allowing the floor to move more when walked on.
I am very dissappointed and am considering removing the floor, however it would be of great exspense. I could have lived with the floor before the baseboards were installed, but aftering installing the baseboards I would not be able to live with it.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this??