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    Default Home built in 1900

    My wife and I are looking to purchase our first home. We have found a completely remodeled home built in 1900. What are some things that we should be concerned with? Of course it has plaster walls, so im assuming that the home has stuffed newspaper insulation (or nothing at all). How big of a deal is Newspaper insulation, should this be a no deal for us?


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    most of your concerns should and probably will be answered via a good home inspector. he will be able to tell you the general condition of the house, the structure and all the related systems. if the house has been completely remodeled, especially if there are new plaster walls, then chances are pretty good that it's been properly insulated.

    what makes you think that there's just newspaper in the walls for insulation? that's one heck of a lot of newspapers.

    you should also check with the building department and see what permits were pulled for the remodeling. that way you will know exactly what work was done and that it was done up to code.

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    Default Re: Home built in 1900

    If there is newspaper in the walls, you can pull it right back out. Could be they only put it where they could reach, which means you can just reach in there and yank it back out.

    Make sure you hire an inspector with experience in old homes and/or that neighborhood, and be prepared to walk away.
    It's this old house, not this built after your dad was born house.

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