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    Default Pet gate for keeping him on the porch

    We have a deck with an opening 63" wide by 3' high that I would like to build a portable barrier to keep our dog on the deck. If anyone has build one or knows of any plans, I would appreciate you sharing them. Thank you

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    Search on YouTube, you'll find very good ideas.

    Search YouTube for some good ideas.
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    Default Re: Pet gate for keeping him on the porch

    I saw one somewhere here on the TOH website. I think it's under Home>Projects>Pets. May not be exactly what you're looking for. A quick Google search for DIY pet gate plans turned up quite a few. We've been using a modified baby gate, but will get around to building something better when we get some of these other projects caught up.
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    Default Re: Pet gate for keeping him on the porch

    Rather than think portable, why not build a gate that matches your deck construction. That's what I did with a 42" wide opening on my deck to keep my dog in. In my case I have a single leaf, but for a 63" wide opening I would use a pair of gates. The leaves don't have to be the same size.
    I used gate hardware from the hardeware store. The strap hinges have removable pins if the gate needs to be taken off. With a pair, I would use a drop pin in one side with the other leaf latched to the fixed panel.
    A little diagonal bracing from the corners that was secured to the vertical pickets and my gate has held up for over 8 years. Lag bolts into the 4x4 supports and into the 2x4 gate fram has held up with no sagging.

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