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    Default Re: Installing HardiPlank over Existing Siding??

    spray foam is definatly better but it is also much more expensive. bats will work fine but are often a real pain to install on an old house with uneven spacing of the studs. if you can afford it I would go with spray foam for sure but the old stand by fiberglass will do just fine. I have worked on a few houses where the siding is the sheathing it is usually .75 or 1 inch thick shiplap or dutch lap not standard claps. another option for you would be to sheath over the siding with 3/8 ply and then put on the hardi but then you have no opportunity to insulate and you would have to build out all of your trim
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    Default Re: Installing HardiPlank over Existing Siding??

    Thanks daspyda and junkout. I think we are going to go with the roll stuff, just don't want to slow down the workers, it is hot as hell here in SE Texas.

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    Default Re: Installing HardiPlank over Existing Siding??

    I spoke to a guy yesterday who restored his house which was built in 1926. He took the plaster walls down to studs.

    Guess what? No insulation at all, and no sheathing. He said it was common construction technique in Florida back then, as his grandfather explained.

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