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    Default Crusty-brown substance coming out of ceiling tiles.

    I am renting a home. In one of the rooms there is ceiling tiles. Since this past Fall Season, when there has been a lot of rain, the ceiling tile in this room seems to have a crusty-brown like substance coming out ot the pores of the ceiling tiles. Not every tile has this coming out, but mainly the ones close to where the windows are located. There is also some of this crusty-brown substance running down the wood paneling on one side of the room. It is not the wall where the windows are, but a wall to its left near the corner where the 2 walls meet. I have tried to attach a photo of the ceiling stuff, but this site is not allowing me. If anyone has any idea or suggestions, I would be really receptive in hearing them.

    Thank You & Blessings.
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    Default Re: Crusty-brown substance coming out of ceiling tiles.

    Quote: "I am renting a home."

    Question: have you brought this matter to your landlord's attention?

    have your landlord inspect it.

    Are there any leaks near where the brown spots showed up?

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