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    Default Remove ugly grey stain from log home

    We bought a log home on the lake and the previous owners stained it grey. We'd like to bring it back to the original color and stain it a color to blend in with the woods. We've been told the best way to get rid of the old stain is to pressure wash with corn cob. This not only seems time consuming, but is extremely expensive! In addition, it's hard to find someone to do it. Is this really the only way to go?

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    Default Re: Remove ugly grey stain from log home

    Why not just re-stain it with a solid stain 0of your choice of color?

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    Default Re: Remove ugly grey stain from log home


    It is possible to strip a log cabin with conventional deck finish removers, but these are caustic liquids that are not all that easy to use on verticle surfaces. It is also difficult to get 100% of the old color out of the knicks and crannies of the logs. After removing the finish, it then has to be neutralized with a mild acid deck cleaner. The material costs alone are considerable, not to mention the labor. If you intend to use a transparent stain, some of the old color will show through here and there.

    JLMc Daniel probably has the best solution. Just go over the old finish with a solid hide stain. Quite frankly, a solid hide stain will present far less maintenance headaches over ther years. Solid hide stains actually protect the wood better than the transparent or semi-transparent stains. They last longer and are easier to touch up.

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