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Thread: Wiring Dilemma

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    Default Wiring Dilemma

    My neighbor is installing a new ceiling fan to replace an existing light fixture. When she pulled the old light off, the wiring was as such in the junction box - 4 white wires, bundled with one white lead providing power to the lamp; 4 black wires bundled and not connected to anything; one red wire capped with a wire nut and not connected.

    Now - when she pulled the lamp off, BOTH wires from the lamp were connected to the one white lead, and worked via a switch on the wall. The white lead is hot in this case.

    Now - she replaced another light in another room previously. She said she saw the same thing. Now, the house in 1930s-ish and all wiring is 2 conductor cloth wire.

    Does the above make any sense? The light DOES work, through the switch, when reconnected as above. We have not investiagted further by pulled wall switches to see what is what, but that it the next step.

    Thanks for any insight


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    Default Re: Wiring Dilemma

    While it is not up to code it will work. They used a black as the feed to the switch and and the white as a return.

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