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    Default Trying to find specific info from an older issue

    I know some of us save our copies of This Old House. I am no exception. But since I am in the process of moving and there is the off chance that my copy may turn up missing I am asking for assistance.

    In this particular issue, there was a remodel done on a house in Illinois. The family (and I believe they were African American) did a spectacular job on the work on the house. I remember it was around the time of our current Presidents first or second term because I thought of him and referenced it to the fact that the house was in Illinois, but not sure if it was Chicago.
    In the article they mentioned new plaster work and new cast iron plumbing. The house was bright and cheerful and beautifully decorated. A stunning job really.

    Anyway....lots of pictures and they had an awesome art print over their fireplace that would move to expose a hidden TV, and that should really help you find the article because that is what I am interested in.

    I am trying to find out the name of that artist, as I remember it was in the article, as well as the name of the artwork.
    If it helps, I think his first name was David and I think the word April was in the artwork.

    Any help would be so appreciative.

    Thank you.
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