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    Question Gray Water Recycling

    I want to recycle washing machine water to eliminate filling up my leachfield so quickly. We do many loads a day and I want to recycle by filtering this gray water and returning it to the groundwater and possibly some for watering plants. What is the best and safest way to make a homemade filtersystem to accompolish this.

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    Default Re: Gray Water Recycling

    someone on this site might know which episode, richard did that exact same thing for a homeowner. it was an "ask this old house" episode

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    Default Re: Gray Water Recycling

    Recycling gray water is an old idea. You can actually buy a kit and install it yourself.

    But don't use washing machine water in a vegetable garden or for fruit trees, as it may contain laundry detergent (a ton of salt in it), bleach, softner, grease, hair, dead skin, sweat and a few other choice components.

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