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    Default How to revmove old counter top

    I have a counter top that I would like to remove and replace with a new one. How do you take the old one off that is glued?

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    Default Re: How to revmove old counter top

    After you finish swearing at the previous installer, you take a flat bar and drive it between the top and the cabinet block to break the glue connection. Yes, you are likely going to damage the cabinets, at least the blocking, so it is imperative to work carefully to minimize the damage. The more you drive the flat bar wherever there is glue, the more you'll break that connection and the less damage you do to the cabinets. Slam the bar in one spot and start prying and you'll destroy the cabinets in short order.
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    Default Re: How to revmove old counter top

    Do as Spruce suggested.

    Sometimes, depending on how the counter top was attached to the cabinets, once you have the wrecking bar in place it is surprisingly easy to remove the counter top.

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    Default Re: How to revmove old counter top

    If you're lucky, the 'glue' will be silicone- that's pretty easy to break loose but holds well till you want it loose- it's my choice in counter-top setting 'glues'. The key to breaking silicone loose is the start by wedging at one end of the front, then work along toward the other side- not the back. Go back and tighten the wedges similarly, and when there's about 1/2 inch pulled loose, take a serrated kitchen knife and 'saw' out the rest toward the back. Before you get all the way back the bond will break free on it's own. Takes maybe ten minutes, some wedges and a hammer. Done correctly nothing breaks and you can send the old counter-top to your local Habitat store for someone else to use.


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