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    Default Paint removal woes

    Hi. I've been having an issue with removing old paint from steel door frames. I've gotten the decades of paint off with various paint removers. But it's the bottom layer that refuses to come off! It's a ruddy colored, splotchy layer that can't be sc****d off along with the other layers. So far I've had success only by aggressively using the brush dipped in paint remover, rubbing with wet steel wool, and wiping off with a wet sponge. Repeat 2-3 times. I've tried wiping down with mineral spirits and paper towels with no success. I wouldn't mind the process if I didn't have 12 other door frames to strip! Does anyone know what this layer is? Or have another suggestion to get it off? Help please!

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    Default Re: Paint removal woes

    Mini G,

    Mineral spirits is not a solvent for old, hardened paint. Try lacquer thinner or acetone. These are aggressive solvents that will attack most old paints. Also try using medium grade steel wool rather than a brush to remove the dissolving paint. I personally use additional coats of paint stripper, using steel wool for removal after the majority of the old paint has been sc****d off with spackle knives. I use the lacquer thinner or acetone when getting the final residue off.

    Also, not every stripper works equally on all types of finishes. It is somewhat hit or miss to find the one that works best. I always kept 3 or 4 brands of stripper on the shelves in my shop.

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