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    Default 7' x 36" original entry door

    I am looking for a new replacement front door with these dimensions. The current (original) door to my 1910 concrete block home is a 3/4 light beveled glass. Very simple and painted on the outside stripped and finished on the inside. I was ready to buy a similar door in smooth fiberglass that I plan to paint. However I have been unable to find one with these dimensions. I can't seem to buy an 8 foot because I can't cut that much off. I was told I could buy a solid fiberglass door and they can put double paned glass in it. I am concerned with the integrity of the door at that point. I only want to do this once. I live in the Midwest. Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: 7' x 36" original entry door

    HomeDpot carries 36 x 84 Masonite fiberglass doors. If they don't have it in stock locally you can order on line and have it delivered to your local store.

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