I would like any information about a fix that would last longer than one year.
I have an enclosed porch with two skylight's opposite from each other.
The enclosed porch looks like some sort of kit.
The roof is constructed of panels 8 x 4...four on each side of the roof peak.
They are made of six inches of harden foam with a thin aluminum skin.

The contractor cut a skylight out of one of these for each side of the roof peak.
Every year I have to un-bolt the skylight, scrap and clean the area (Make sure there is no old silicon left from the past year). The skylight leaks every year when it rains heavy...

Does any have a way to make these two skylight leak proof?

I was thinking maybe I could get a sheet of roofing leak barrier, then seal it with I do not know at this time.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks all....