I just bought a home with finished basement. Basement has a French Drain installed with 2 sump pumps. The past one month or so, the pumps runs almost constantly to keep up with the water entering the sump. During heavy rains, the water flows like a faucet in to the sump and the pumps kicks in every 30 seconds or so.

I have a small backyard, about 15 feet and beyond that is a small hill. During heavy rains, the water runs down from the hill like a stream and the backyard looks like a mini pond. Iím not sure if this is what causing so much water to enter the basement in to the sump. I was told that all neighbors have this issue and the water table itsself is very high in my area.

While the french drain and sump pumps are working as expected, I would like to figure out if there is anything else that could be done on the backyard to mitigate this issue (like an outside drain, dry-well, better landscaping etc)

If you can throw some ideas as to what could be done, that would be great !