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    Default May '09: Cordless String Trimmers

    Have you used any of the following reader-tested cordless string trimmers featured in the May 2009 issue of This Old House?

    * CRAFTSMAN 74815
    * WORX WG150
    * BLACK & DECKER NST2018

    Share YOUR reviews here!
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    Default Re: May '09: Cordless String Trimmers

    Just purchased, and used for the first time, a B&D NST2018 cordless trimmer. I use a Stihl 2 cycle at work and have used an electric B&D trimmer at home for the last four years. The latter wore out and needed to be replaced.

    The two batteries lasted about an hour. Half of the time was spent doing light trimming and edging and it worked like a charm. Thirty minutes were used cutting 20" tall grass and weeds. The Stihl would have done this better and faster. an area of 6 feet by 20 feet was cut and the NST2018 did a fair job. Would not recommend it for this type of heavy trimming.

    What I liked: Not having to consider where I am going in order to keep the extension cord straightened out and the large shield. I thought it would be a pain, but it did a nice job of keeping me clean and it made it easy to cut grass over a larger area i.e. under bushes where a mower doesn't go. No scalping the grass while using it for this task.

    Concern: Automatic line dispensing. Used a lot of string and the cost of the string may be a concern over time. It may turn out to be like razors, give themthe razor and sell them the blades.

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