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    Default epoxy (?) painted bath tiles - how do i remove?!


    We bought a house which has mostly nice white tiles in the bathroom. However, there are "accent" tiles that have painted wooded scenes on them. They have to go but I cannot afford to pull the bathroom apart to replace them quite yet.

    I'm assuming they're epoxy paint. I've tried paint stripper and then using an exacto knife to try to sc**** but nothing budged.

    Any ideas on what I can use to remove this paint? It's really ugly but it was professionally done


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    Default Re: epoxy (?) painted bath tiles - how do i remove?!

    Are you sure that they are not actually fired on glazes? I have seen this done a few times over the years. Artists would simply paint on standard tiles with glazes and them have them fired on, they then become virtually part of the tile.

    If not, there are specific strippers which will attack epoxies. Not all strippers will attack all paints.

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