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    Default Replace a front door threshold

    I am at the point of replacing my Front door threshold, just like in the article/video. Problem [at this point] is: I can't find a good wooden threshold. The local Big Box stores [Lowe's and Home Depot] only have the generic Chinese extruded aluminum and wood on springed strip. The one for a 36 inch door is not long enough to fully replace the threshold currently in place. The current one is 42 and 1/4 from tip to tip in the front under the jamb uprights. 35 1/4 exposed between the jambs. The 36" strip they sell is junk anyway.
    Can anyone point me in the direction of a source for the piece used in this demonstration?
    The video is at:,00.html
    the article is at:,00.html


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    Default Re: Replace a front door threshold

    You might look here , try a local lumber yard, or the contractors desk at Homedepot they handle special orders.

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    Default Re: Replace a front door threshold

    Another option is to find a local door hardware or millwork supplier who will likely have just what you need.
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    Default Re: Replace a front door threshold

    as a last resort, any millwork company can make one for you

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