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    Default Weird configuration.

    Hi, my name is Josh. My dad and I are working on putting a ceiling fan in an old 60's house. The wiring is weird we got the ceiling fan to work, but it only works when the light switch is off. When the light switch is on the ceiling fan won't work, but my computer and floor fan will. there are multiple white and black wires, and there is also a red wire. Also are T.V. won't work after we took out the old fan and put in the new one. The light on the ceiling fan also doesn't work it'll flicker but it will never be at full power.

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    Default Re: Weird configuration.

    Just aguess, but I would say you have some circuits wired in series . How many cables do you have in the box, and how many wires per cable. What wires are in the switch box and which are connected to the switch.

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    Default Re: Weird configuration.

    Another thought: because of the red wire you may have tied into a traveler on a 3W switch circuit.

    And, is the flickering light a CFL? Does a regular incandesent lamp work OK?
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