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    Default Washing machine leaks during wash cycle

    I know this isn't a kitchen appliance but I couldn't find a better spot to ask this. Our washing machine just started leaking water. I've checked it while it's running and it is NOT leaking from a hose but is leaking from underneath while it's in the wash cycle and the basin is full of water. What is the fix for this?

    I should also specify that it seems to leak any time there is water in the basin, not just during the was cycle. It also happns during rinse.

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    Default Re: Washing machine leaks during wash cycle

    Was cycle and rinse cycle is functionally the same. My first guess is the the small hose that is used to inject the bleach water mixture into the tub is leaking or has come loose. If it's a small volume of water it's leaking if it's a large volume it has come loose. You will most likely have to remove the cabinet to repair. Once the cabinet is off start a wash cycle and you will be able to see where the water is coming from.
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