Last month we moved into an older mobile home, a double wide with an large room addition where we have set up our computers. The room gets very hot so we put in a portable room A/C. When I plugged in an electrical skillet in the kitchen outlet, the electricity went out in the room addition area. We thought a circuit breaker tripped, but when we checked the box, nothing was tripped. We thus turned all the breakers off, then on, but that did not bring the electricity back on. We then turned all the lights on in the home, turned off each breaker, (trying to create a legend since there was none), we even turned off the main circuit breaker and the lights in the master bedroom, also part of the add-on, does not go out. Any recommendations? A friend said that the breaker for the addition probably needs better contact (add some aluminum foil), but I do not want to touch the panel if it is still HOT. Has anyone had this before? Thank you