I'm looking to purchase an older house(1930's est) that has no heat run to the second floor. The terms of the loan would require some sort of heat in the bedrooms(4) to qualify them as habitable space. The current owner says it does fine up there with the current Forced hot air oil system as long as you leave the doors open. They never ran the ducts to the second floor for fear of ruining the plaster walls. We were discussing options with the home inspector, and he suggested a heating unit in the Attic, or electric BB. I've never liked Electric BB, The attic unit seemed like an option that would work with our long term goal of the house, I.E. converting to gas and maybe adding AC. But as I do some research It seems to be a frowned upon practice in the North East, the house is in Central Jersey. I was wondering if there were any recommendations for this issue. We will have a budget for renovations when we acquire the home, But I'm not looking to go to extravagant.