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    Question Water heater exhaust

    All, I hope this is the right place to post this, and I apologize if it is not.

    I am looking to expand by current deck. The new deck will be a step lower to avoid hot water heater's intake/exhaust and a hose hookup. Even being a step down, the new deck will still be about 5" from the exhaust and closer than what is probably recommended to the hose hookup.

    The water heater is an AO Smith GPDH 50 http://imgur.com/Nb70jM5

    Hopefully you can see in this picture, the level string represents where the top of the new deck will be. http://imgur.com/I4eaeNf

    Should I be okay? Or should I consider running the pvc through the deck to shootout the other side at a better height?

    Other options, or ideas?

    Thanks everyone, and I look forward to your response!

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    Default Re: Water heater exhaust

    I think that you are fine. you provide plenty of space for the vents.

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