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    Default Bathroom SubFloor

    I am installing a newer tub over rotten sub-floor that has been masked in the past. I plan to tile on the outside floor around the new tub. Should I remove the old layer underneath where the sub-floor over the joist will be put down or is it alright to just put the new plywood over the old? The reason I ask, the floor under the sub-floor over the joist runs under what I believe to be a support wall around the tub area. This house was built in 1963. I think the joist are 12 inches apart, so I do not know what that means on center, if someone wants to explain that to me.


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    Default Re: Bathroom SubFloor

    Step one: to determine if the joists are fit for the added weight, go to john bridge tile forum. Find the formula to determine the accepted deflection for your floor.

    Step two: if you joists are strong enough, remove the subfloor, cut along the sill plate. Install a new subfloor (1" min.)

    Step three: continue, following the process as described at the above mentioned forum.

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