Kinda dating myself here.

The This Old House episode that I remember most was from the Tampa series. They visited a small community identified as "Seaside", which was near Panama City. It's a community of *small* cottages. There were no roads within the community; you parked and walked a short distance to your cottage. They made several comments comparing the cottages to yachts because of their compact layouts and efficient use of space. The community had only native landscaping - no grass lawns. It just seemed like the antithesis of a resort community. As I recall, the land had been owned by Campbell Soup company as a spot for its retirees, so it had not been developed earlier.

I'm going to vacation in Florida this year and would like to see about renting in that community, but I cannot identify it.

By any chance, can any of you identify that community?

Thanks for any information or suggestions that you can offer.

Very respectfully,