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    Default Re: restoring decaying wood

    Walt one of the best is flexible epoxy http://www.advancedrepair.com/pricing/epoxy.htm The $215 kit. Regular epoxy or products like Bondo do not expand an contract with the wood. The flexible epoxy does.However i agree with Spruce, do the extra work of removing the bad wood.

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    Default Re: restoring decaying wood

    I was wondering if anyone had a comment on this idea. As the top of the beams rotted on this deck I am tearing apart, does it make sense to seal or cap off the top of the new beams and joists I am installing? I was thinking of using flashing material (like the type used around window openings to seal) and then maybe cap the flashing with some stainless sheet (I have a mess of it laying around). I am not sure the joists really warrant this much attention...but I was thinking for sure to cap where the old 4x12 beams interface with the new sandwiched 2x12's. And maybe the tops of the new 2x12 beams themselves...the joists will sit on top of those. Any thoughts on this?

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