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    Default Re: Unusual application of stucco... need advice!

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    Default Re: Unusual application of stucco... need advice!

    Quote Originally Posted by JLMCDANIEL View Post
    Not sure about northern Ohio but have a friend with a 40 year old stuccoed house in Columbus, that has required no repairs.

    Interesting, thanks for mentioning that. I would think that if a stuccoed house in Columbus could survive that long without repairs, it could do so here. Although possibly it might make a difference if the house is in town, and more protected, I don't know. We are rural, with only a few small/young trees so far, so not much protection from the elements.

    Quote Originally Posted by dj1 View Post

    Moisture, from rain, humidity, ice and snow, damage stucco to the point of no return. The moisture is absorbed into the stucco rather easily, can create pockets between the stucco and the house, dissolve the stucco and separate it from the house. Don't believe it? please do your own research.

    Another point: can you find 3 stucco contractors in your town to give you estimates? very unlikely.

    Stucco exterior does better in dry climate.

    However, don't let me stop you from getting stucco, if that's what you set your mind on.
    Those are definitely some things we would need to check out before deciding to do stucco. Thanks for the advice! We certainly aren't set on stucco at this point, just gathering info so we can consider our options. Our 'non-traditional' house makes it a little hard to know just what is the best route for us to take!

    Quote Originally Posted by JLMCDANIEL View Post
    Thanks for the link!

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