My husband and I are looking into doing a remodel of our home at some point... hopefully sooner rather than later, but you know how it goes.

A little background on our house-- it's actually a pole shed that was converted into a house as it was being built, I believe. It was not originally intended to be a house, but the guy building it get divorced and needed a place to live, so turned it into a house. It has concrete floors on the lower story and is a story and a half. Our goal in remodeling would be to not only increase the living space (more bedrooms) but to make the exterior of the house more attractive, and, well, more like a house, and not a shed. We would also be building an attached garage with a basement below it (no basement under the house right now) and bedrooms above it.

We are trying to figure out what to do about siding for the house. We both like the look of stucco, and wonder if it would be possible to do stucco over the standing seam metal that sides our house. If it is possible, is it likely that we could find a contractor who would be willing to do it?

And is there anything else we need to know about doing this? We are quite inexperienced in building/remodeling, and know very little about stucco in particular!