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    Default Painted hard wood floors

    The floors and stairs have been painted over twice and I am not pleased with the results. Should I try to strip the paint and refinish the wood floors or just cover it with something else? I'm considering tile or laminate wood flooring to cover my living and family rooms. I don't know what to consider for the stairs. I prefer not to have wall to wall carpeting because of kids and high traffic areas.

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    Default Re: Painted hard wood floors

    is there a reason they were painted?

    I actually like painted wood flooring, but it really depends on the type of flooring. IMO, it has to be a very rustic older floor to look descent. Otherwise, I think you lose the individual planks in the paint.

    I would strip and refinish the floors if you're not afraid of the work.

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    Default Re: Painted hard wood floors


    Hardwood floors are certainly in vogue. If you think the wood flooring is in good condition, I would opt for having them professionally sanded. I would not chemically remove the paint first. I would consider having the stair treads themselves sanded smooth, but paint the risers and stringers. This would greatly reduce the cost of trying to strip the whole stair assembly.

    Given the quality of modern polyurethane floor finishes, hard wood floors are now quite practical and durable.

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