For some reason, the kitchen items tend to lose power when there is no storms in the area.
The dishwasher, microwave and stove tend to lose power from time to time even when there are no storms in the area, the rest of the house lose power like everyone else when storm is around..

Breaker is never tripped when this happens, i know this can be a number of things, but before i get electrician out to check everything out, id like to be some what up to speed on some causes so i know im not being taken by someone saying i need to rewire everything..

We will be remodeling the kitchen within the next 2 yrs, but in the mean time, i dont want to let it continue if it can cause issues or even fire in the house..

Is there anything visually i can check to see if maybe there is a true sign something needs replacing? Breaker? maybe faulty outlet?

I have the simple outlet testers which i believe the last time i checked everything in the kitchen was fine. But will probably check again.

Any things to check would be great so im informed before someone comes to check it out.